Thursday, 23 October 2008

"O, my offence is rank": Claudius' guilt and the death of Polonius

This week we will be studying Act 3 further.

Task 1:
Look again at the Player King and Queen's speeches in Act 3 Scene 2. Work together to decide which are Hamlet's 12-16 lines he wrote especially for this play.

Be prepared to justify your choice.

Task 2:

We will continue to watch Branagh's "Hamlet"

Task 3:

Look at Claudius' soliloquy in Act 3 scene 3 "O, my offence is rank". Work together to select examples of words and phrases from his speech that suggest his guilt.

Be prepared to share them with the group.

Homework: 24th October 2008

Task 1: Summarise the action of Acts 1-3 of "Hamlet"

Task 2: Study Hamlet and Gertrude's exchange in Act 3 Scene 4. What does it tell you about both characters and about their relationship? What is the role of the Ghost in this scene?

Task 3: Visit the link on this site called "Shakespeare Sonnets". Choose a sonnet and make a print out of it. Make some notes about it and bring it to class next term. We will read some of his sonnets - just because they are unbeatable!

Happy Holidays!

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